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The ancient church in Corinth struggled to live rightly surrounded by other religions, an “anything goes” sexual society, and spiritual immaturity. What could go wrong? Paul’s first letter to Corinth provides timeless answers for every church and every Christ-follower.
Pastor Chris will dive deep and will offer great insight into how we should engage a culture that mirrors Corinth.


Join us for our new member luncheon in January 2020 after the 10:00am worship gathering. Lunch is provided and childcare is available. Registration opens January 1.
Bible Fellowship Groups
Bible Fellowship groups are designed to help you get connected to others. The groups typically take place in home and last for one and half hours once a week for six to eight weeks. The topics vary and the atmosphere is relaxed and people from seasoned Christ-followers to those exploring the claims of Christ are welcome. This semester we are using Not Forsaken by Louie Giglio. Our current session of groups began in mid-October. You can learn more using REALM.
Mercy Fellowship is built on the Bible. Pastor Chris’ messages are text-driven and Christ-centered. Every Sunday morning believers will be encouraged to take another step of discipleship and the “not yet convinced” will be challenged to explore more deeply the truths found in the Bible. Our Pastor’s communication style is engaging, transparent and highly practical to your every day life.
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The Mercy Fellowship logo has three arrows. Each arrow represents one step for our attenders. Attend our worship gathering, connect with others through a Bible Fellowship Group and serve on Sunday mornings. The logo is one large arrow reminding us we need to leave and get involved in the lives of those that need Christ. You can click on the green links below to find out how to take the first step or the next step.


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Power Play / 1 Corinthians 2:6-16

Posted by Mercy Fellowship of Venice on Sunday, October 27, 2019