Current Series | The 7 Churches

What do Jesus’s letters to the 7 churches mean to us today? How do the signs and symbols found in these letters help us live in our world today? What in these letters have to do with the past or the future? What is God trying to say to you in these letters? The good news is we will answer these questions as we understand and apply this wonderful text to our daily lives. God has a word for you and a blessing in the letters to the 7 churches of Revelation.
Sundays | October 30 through December 11 // 10:30 AM

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Mercy Fellowship is built on the Bible. Pastor Chris’ messages are text-driven and Christ-centered. Every Sunday morning believers are encouraged to take another step of discipleship and the “not yet convinced” will be challenged to explore more deeply the truths found in the Bible. Our Pastor’s communication style is engaging, transparent and highly practical to your every day life.

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Attend our worship gathering, connect with others through a small group and serve on Sunday mornings, leave and get involved in the lives of those that need Christ. You can click on the blue links above to find out how to take the first step or the next step.
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