Romans 12:4-8 teaches we all have been given unique abilities to serve Christ through the church. Would you like to serve, but aren’t quite sure where? A spiritual gifts assessment is a great place to start! Click here and follow the directions to assist you in finding your spiritual gifts. E-mail us with your results, and we will work with you to find an exciting opportunity to use your gifts and passions to serve the church.
Greeting guests and members before our worship gathering.
Guests are first introduced to our church when they meet our first impressions team. The greatest assets for serving in this area are big smiles, timeliness, and a willingness to welcome all attenders with warmth and joy. When attenders receive a smile from you their worship service has begun. The First Impression Team must be in place no later than 9:20 AM. To serve contact us today.
A preschool volunteer serves on Sundays for our worship gathering or on Thursday night during our 6 PM Bible study time. The volunteer will be trained and will serve with at least one other adult. The worship gatherings last one hour and fifteen minutes usually. The curriculum is video driven and therefore less preparation time is required. The kids and adults love the ministry and your abilities will surely increase the excitement we are feeling. You can volunteer by contacting Julie Crull.
Our technical ministry team is an invaluable resource to our Sunday morning worship gathering. The team is primarily responsible for lighting, sound, and staging. Members are also welcome to join our creative meetings where we plan creative elements for the upcoming sermons series. Team members can learn how to input lighting queues and create components for the visual aspects of our worship gathering. Technical team members will be on a rotation and are required to attend the worship rehearsal usually scheduled for 7:15pm on Thursday evenings and to attend Sunday morning rehearsal starting at 8:45am. Let us know if you can serve.
The worship center preparation team is tasked with preparing the worship center spiritually and physically for the next worship service. The duties assigned are to sweep, mop and remove the trash from all the rooms including the bathrooms. Restocking the toilet paper and wiping down the counters and mirrors are essential as we prepare for the next worship gathering. We do ask those volunteering for this role to pray over the room and the chairs as they serve. The prayers of God’s people will make what happens on Sundays last for eternity. Preparing the rooms can be done anytime Friday or Saturday. Two people can accomplish this in two hours. You can volunteer once a month or once every three months. Join the team now!
Our worship arts ministry is responsible for planning and leading the worship gathering each Sunday. If you have a passion and the gift to lead vocally, play an instrument, design and build backdrops, film and edit video, or if you just have a flare for the creative side of things, we would love to hear from you. Our worship arts team primarily meets for vision casting and planning on Thursdays at 6pm and then for worship rehearsal at 7:15pm until 8:30pm. For more information please contact us through e-mail.